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National Historic Landmarks

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Eye-opening stories are everywhere in Philadelphia history. But instead of just reading about them, we’d like to direct you to dozens of living history experiences that reveal pivotal moments, movements, and lives of influential people and places. 

Are you interested in architecture, art, social activism, commerce, or science? Greater Philadelphia has 67 interesting National Historic Landmarks (NHLs). Selected by the National Park Service, all of these places have incredible stories to tell. 

NHL Advisory Committee

These civic leaders with expertise in history preservation and the NHL landscape aid GPA in preserving, enhancing, and promoting Philadelphia's 67 NHLs.


  • David Brownlee, Ph.D., FSAH
  • Michael Norris, Executive Director of Carpenters' Hall
  • Cornelia Swinson, Executive Director of Historic Johnson House
  • Janice Sykes Ross, Executive Director of Paul Robeson House & Museum
  • Cassie Thomson, Senior Director of Government and Civic Affairs of Visit Philly
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Want to see a map of all 67 National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia?