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The United States is a country of immigrants. Whether in search of opportunities or personal freedoms, whether to start a business or to flee a civil war, people immigrate to create new lives for themselves and their families. 

The immigrants who have chosen to stay in the Philadelphia region have not only started anew for themselves, they have also imbued cultural richness into our society. Every immigrant carries with him a unique experience and history.

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Exploring the Communities of Philadelphia

Philadelphia's immigrant population is a mosaic, with significant contributions from Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Our World Heritage City's neighborhoods resonate with the sounds, flavors, and traditions of China, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Ireland, and beyond. 

From the historic Italian Market to the bustling neighborhoods of Chinatown and beyond, Global Philadelphia offers a window into the unique stories and experiences that enrich the City of Brotherly Love. Whether you're interested in the economic impact, cultural festivals, or the evolving patterns of immigration, our tabs offer a closer look at immigrant life in Philadelphia.