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Cornelia Swinson
Executive Director

Johnson House Historic Site
6306 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144
United States

Johnson House Historic Site

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Civic/Community Organization
johnson house

Built in 1768, Johnson House Historic Site, National Historic Landmark significant for its association with the Underground Railroad and the nation-wide abolitionist movement, and Center for Social Advocacy, is a historic house museum that "represents what everyday people have done and can do to make a difference in their community and beyond". The example of partnership—between enslaved Africans seeking freedom and the abolitionist Johnson family—serves as a catalyst to inspire, uplift and empower current and future generations. Johnson House interprets the story of the people who used the Underground Railroad as their pathway to freedom and those who were allies in that journey. We inform audiences of all ages about the past, present, and future struggles for freedom, justice, and equality, in our city, state and our nation.

Our Center for Social Advocacy, established in 2015, is a vehicle to empower everyday citizens to address racial, economic, and social justice issues.  Its strategy is built on Johnson House history of abolitionism.  CSA approaches racial injustice through a lens focused on some of the harshest consequences of enslavement: the economic empowerment of white America which led to the inequity and disempowerment of Black Americans.  We partner with advocates and community thought leaders; and support the capacity of those who do the work to address racial and social injustice issues and help to make a difference in communities today.

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