Behind the inspiring organizations, dynamic businesses, compelling events, intriguing communities, and notable news items that help make Philadelphia global, are individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and commitment.  Meet the scholars, researchers, students, diplomats, curators, artists, linguists, educators, attorneys, financiers, transportation experts, scientists, administrators and others who contribute so much to the globalism of the region.  (GPA members appear at the beginning of the list, followed by non-members in alphabetical order.)

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President and Chief Executive Officer, National Constitution Center
Harold T. Epps is the Director of Commerce at the City of Philadelphia and is a business leader with over 30 years of corporate experience in providing high performance products and solutions for complex and compliance driven industries. As Director of Commerce, Harold oversees and implements policies to help both small businesses and major corporations in Philadelphia thrive.
Global Education and Development Consultant Board Secretary for the Japan-America Society
The Luther W. Brady Curator of Japanese Art and Curator of East Asian Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Jillian Fornito joined the Global Interdependence Center in 2008 as the assistant director with a broad scope of responsibilities including organizational and program management.
Grace Gallagher is currently a senior at Temple University majoring in Political Science and working towards receiving a certificate in Spanish. Growing up as a first generation English-American, she has always had a passion for other cultures and anything international. While studying in Philadelphia, she has been able to dedicate her time to become actively involved in the UNICEF chapter at Temple University.
Rhona Gold has been the Administrative Coordinator at Global Philadelphia since its inception in 2010. Her role within the organization is both instrumental and diverse. In her primary position, she performs all the duties of an executive assistant working directly with the Chairman of the Board, John Smith. Specifically, she manages all the day-to-day needs of the association and is the principal point of contact for all its members. Additionally, Rhona is responsible for scheduling meetings, planning events, and fulfilling all the daily requirements of staff members.
In 2022, the French government appointed Marine Havel to the role of Honorary Consul of France in Philadelphia. As an official representative of the French  government, and thanks to a intensive program at the Collège des Hautes Études de l’Institut Diplomatique (French Diplomatic Institute),  her missions are to assist and protect the citizens of the country which she represents, to establish and grow trade and Cultural Relations between our two people.
Partner in Philadelphia office of Pepper Hamilton LLP; Co-chair of International Law Committee.
Maria Johansson earned her BA in International Relations and Spanish from the University of Westminster in London, UK, in 2012. Born and raised in Sweden, Maria has lived in Philadelphia since December 2013 and in both London and Veracruz, Mexico, before that.
An accomplished group of musicians, educators, and activists, the multicultural South African band of Sharon Katz & The Peace Train helped Nelson Mandela end Apartheid and have continued spreading their message of peace and reconciliation through performances and workshops in festivals, educational settings and concert halls around the world.
Asmaa was in charge of the GlobalPhilly™ 2015 program as well as the Marketing Strategy of Global Philadelphia Association (GPA) with the ultimate objective of connecting and promoting our members. 
Cindy came to Philadelphia in February 2008 and hit the ground running as the Superintendent of Independence National Historical Park. Her responsibilities range from daily park operation and maintenance to development of new exhibits. Since joining Independence NHP, Cindy has overseen the completion and installation of three new exhibits in the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial and the Germantown White House. Ongoing
Michael Malarick is a Pennsylvania and New Jersey attorney who has been licensed for over 28 years. Michael is the owner of the Law Office of Michael T. Malarick, Esq., PC located in Boothwyn, PA. Attorney Michael Malarick serves the Delaware County community, Chester County community, greater Philadelphia community, and more.
Executive Director and President of the South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) 
Gigi’s professional background has been in community engagement, intergenerational literacy and social services. She defines herself as a performance artist and writer who uses social practice to create books, plays, projects, transitory exhibits and site-specific events that are designed to encourage open discussion around themes and topics that affect us in our lives.
Honorary Vice Consul of Spain