The Once -- and Future -- International City Series, Curated by Global Philadelphia Association

On Friday August 12, 2011, the Philadelphia Business Journal published the first in a year-long series, developed and curated by Global Philadelphia Association, inquiring into how business, community, and cultural leaders can reassert Philadelphia's position as a thriving, global city.

Thanks to the Business Journal, each of these articles will be re-printed here on the Global Philadelphia website. Download the full articles below and join the conversation on our Global Philadelphia Facebook page.

John A. Fry, "Higher Education Has Gone Global" (September 2012)

  • In this issue, president of Drexel University, John A. Fry, brings to our attention the vital role Philadelphia's colleges and universities play in establishing the city's "worldwide prominence". Mr. Fray explains how universities should work towards creating more connections with colleagues around the world to not only advance their research, but also promote Philadelphia's reputation abroad. The obstacles we face today "are global; [therefore,] our research efforts must also be global."

 Christiaan Morssink, "Water, Water, Everywhere …" (August 2012)

Steve Wray, "Establishing a World Class Region" (May 2012)

  • In this edition of the "Once -- and Future -- International City" series, Economy League Executive Director Steve Wray argues that one powerful means through which Philadelphia can reach its full potential, is through collaboration around shared goals. Mr. Wray sketches how the World Class Greater Philadelphia initiative is involved in this effort. World Class Greater Philadelphia has brought together "more than 1,000 business, nonprofit, government, labor and community leaders" to strategize prioritize Philadelphia's growth opportunities.

Dr. Andrew Baker, "You Can Travel the World in Philadelphia" (March 2012)

  • GPA's newest member, the Philadelphia Zoo, contributed this edition of our "Once -- and Future -- International City" series. In this pedicel, Dr. Andrew Baker, the Zoo's Chief Operating Officer, highlights the Zoo as a crux in the City's global reach. The Zoo certainly brings the world to Philadelphia through its conservation efforts. But the Zoo also brings Philadelphia to the world through its innovative educational programming that reminds visitors of the interconnectedness of all beings and environments.

Meryl Levitz and Jack Ferguson, "Airport Project Will Enhance Region" (January 2012)

Alan Greenberger, "Philadelphia and the World" (November - December 2011)

  • In its November 25 - December 1 issue, the Philadelphia Business Journal published an "International City" article penned by the City's Deputy Mayor for Commerce, Alan Greenberger. In this piece, Mr. Greenberger explores the unique assets that make Philadelphia a competitive, global city. The greatest of these assets, Mr. Greenberger argues, "rests with our institutions of education, research, and medicine," institutions that taken collectively, comprise "nearly one-third of the [Philadelphia's] work force." Download the full article here.
    • Mr. Greenberger's article was soon thereafter translated into Spanish and printed in Al Día, Philadelphia's award-winning Hispanic-circulated newspaper.

Nick Pagon, "Residents, Know Your History" (September 2011)

  • In this September 30th issue, GPA Member Nick Pagon provides overview of the truly international stature of colonial Philadelphia under the leadership of William Penn. Mr. Pagon uses this history to demonstrate that "Philadelphians who, like the members of the Global Philadelphia Association, want to see their city thrive once again as a global actor in the 21st century, do not need to go far afield for inspiration. They have only to look at their own history, and to apply to today’s new and challenging conditions the same openness to change and industriousness that characterized the city’s beginning. Download the full article here.

John Smith, "Let's Make Philly World Class Again" (August 2011)

  • The first in the series was written by Global Philadelphia's Board Chair, John F. Smith, who makes the case that Greater Philadelphia is engaged in a global competition and needs to recapture its standing as an international city to prevail in that competition. It has the resources to be - and be perceived as - a global actor. The only question, Mr. Smith finds, is whether we have the will to do so. Download the full article here.