GPA President Highlighted on 2023 Impact List

Madi Costigan
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Each year, City & State Pennsylvania releases an article highlighting the selections made for their Impact List. The 2023 Impact List was released in early December to celebrate “the commonwealth’s most influential difference-makers” whose efforts are helping Pennsylvania become “more equitable, sustainable and prosperous.”

Based on the qualifications listed in the article, it comes as no surprise that GPA’s own Zabeth Teelucksingh was one of the 75 leaders included on this list. Teelucksingh was recognized for GPA’s work in broadening Philadelphia’s role in the international community, working with a wide network of community and business partners to host World Heritage Week, and spearheading the city’s Sustainable Development Goal Mural Program.


As an established leader in Philadelphia, GPA’s President is also recognized as a driving force behind the commemoration of the city’s semiquincentennial, as the article mentions her position as a nominating chair for Philadelphia250. Teelucksingh has long been committed to fostering local and international partnerships since GPA’s establishment in 2010, and she has been integral in attracting international attention to the city. She and GPA were part of the city’s collaborative effort to push for World Heritage City (WHC) designation for Philadelphia, which the city earned in 2015. She has also continued to encourage international recognition of the city by helping to bring the 2026 FIFA World CupTM to Philadelphia.

Through all of these initiatives, Teelucksingh has proven her dedication to fostering connections with leaders in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania commonwealth, and the broader global community in order to promote positive change. She has expertly utilized these significant relationships and the city’s WHC designation to drive new tourism efforts and expand the reach of GPA. Not only is she growing the organization, Teelucksingh also continuously shows her personal passion for Philadelphia and creating mutually beneficial connections between individuals and communities.

Teelucksingh was eager to point out other Philadelphia leaders listed alongside her on the Impact List. President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Matt Rader was recognized by City & State Pennsylvania for his use of horticulture in addressing environmental and community needs. When GPA reached out to Rader to learn more about his initiatives, he shared that “planting and tending trees together in our neighborhoods is a very high impact way to connect to one another, improve air and water quality, make our streets cooler and safer, and make our neighborhoods beautiful.” One of the projects most central to this goal is the Philly Tree Plan, which Rader describes as “an exciting step forward that truly unites many nonprofit and government organizations involved in trees to work deeply together.” Other initiatives that Rader champions are the PHS Healthy Neighborhoods Program, PHS’s Public Gardens and Landscapes, and the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.

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In addition to Teelucksingh and Rader, the Impact List included DiverseForce’s CEO and Founder Sulaiman Rahman, an advocate for supporting “racial and economic inclusion” and bolstering leaders of color in Philadelphia. He reflected on being acknowledged for his work by explaining how “it reinforces [DiverseForce’s] dedication to creating meaningful opportunities and dismantling systemic barriers to success for underrepresented communities.” Rahman went on to share how Philadelphia is a wonderful place to make this happen, stating that “the synergy among Philadelphia's leaders not only amplifies the impact of individual projects but also creates a more cohesive and inclusive approach to community development and equity efforts.” The community of leaders in Philadelphia admirably foster collaborative environments that allow organizations and companies to grow and connect with one another.

These groups and individuals in Philadelphia, as well as the whole commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are making important changes toward sustainability, community, and equity through the inspirational efforts highlighted in the Impact List. GPA is excited to congratulate our President and all other difference-makers that were recognized on this list. To learn more about Zabeth Teelucksingh’s work and background, visit her profile and follow along with GPA’s initiatives on our website.

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