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The land that is now Tacony Creek Park was once used as hunting grounds by the native Lenape people. When Europeans arrived they began to build mills and farms along the creek, clearing most of the forest. By 1915, this green-space was preserved by the City of Philadelphia as parkland in order to protect the health of the creek. Today half of the park is made up of forest and meadow, and is home to many species of birds and other wildlife. The remaining half is Juniata Golf course, located within the southern end of the park; it has operated since 1927. 

A 3.2 mile paved walking, running and bicycling trail runs through the entire length of the park. It is open to the public from dawn to dusk, and accessed by 10 neighborhood gateways in Olney, Lawncrest, Feltonville, Northwood, Juniata and Frankford.

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