Podcast: How to Market a Global City with Zabeth Teelucksingh, President of the Global Philadelphia Association

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Listen here: https://auerbach-intl.com/podcast-zabeth-teelucksingh/

What does it take to market an entire city vs. a company or product? Ms. Zabeth Teelucksingh is President of the Global Philadelphia Association through which she helped obtain the designation of Philadelphia as a World Heritage City. Home of the United States’ most famous UNESCO world heritage site, Zabeth explains that a globally-centered region increases knowledge of workers and real estate values and encourages educators and students to think internationally. The city also provides organizations to help professionals and refugees integrate and then contribute to the region’s global outlook. From her previous career in Media and Publishing, Zabeth presents a key marketing blunder that Time-Life Books made when promoting in Europe, illustrating again the importance of acculturation for your audience.

Podcast Highlights:

Zabeth’s journey to her current position

How Business practices around the world differ from The United States’.

Differences in management operations

What is a World Heritage City

Global outlook in the education system

Welcoming immigrants

Trends for Women in Philadelphia

Language translation services are needed in a global city.

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