Philadelphia Brand Toolkit

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Philadelphia is where creative, determined, and collaborative people come to live, work, play, and make a lasting impact.

We’ve got a lot to brag about.

To help our region gain the attention and investment it deserves, we have to tell the world about it.  And the most effective strategy for shaping how others see us is for everyone to use a similar narrative—sharing a proud, passionate, and consistent story with our neighbors around the globe.

The resources in this toolkit have been collected from stakeholders across the region to help you make a case for your own project or purpose.  A shared and cohesive message will help us influence a new perception of Philadelphia, attracting investment and businesses, retaining talent, and empowering our communities with an identity that focuses on our promising future.

1. Passion: Philadelphia’s passionate attitude and bold personality set it apart.

2. Legacy of Ingenuity: Philadelphia’s rich history and ongoing legacy of ingenuity propel it into the future.

3. Diversity: Philadelphia’s diversity and multiculturalism are what make the community dynamic.

4. Human Connection: As a big city with a small-town feel, the Philadelphia experience is all about human connection.

5. Livability: Relative to other metros, Philadelphia is often touted as a livable and manageable community where residents can thrive.

Use these messaging guidelines to apply the Philadelphia brand to your project or purpose. Download the guide for quick reference while planning marketing strategies, and share it with colleagues working to attract or retain business, talent, and investment to our region.

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