Young Caribbean Professional Network (YCPN)

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The Mission of Young Caribbean Professional Network (YCPN) is to create access to education and economic opportunities for students and young professionals in the global market place.

Young Caribbean Professional Network (La Red de Jóvenes Profesionales Caribeños) is dedicated to engaging the English, French and Latin Professionals from the Caribbean for professional, career, personal and business development. We encourage young professionals from the African/American/Asian/European communities to join with us to build a strong Young Global Network in the New York/Philadelphia region.

Young Caribbean Professional Network also produces Caribbean Cuisine Week to help raise funds to bring 700 high school athletes from the Caribbean to the Penn Relays. The students hail from Trinidad, Jamaica, Bahamas, St Vincent and Grenada. The Penn Relays is the largest annual track and field meet in the United States and brings 115,000 visitors to Philadelphia each Spring. The Penn Relays is one of the most impactful events in the tourism and travel sector for the region.

Young Caribbean Professional Network is inclusive of “Young Friends of Team Jamaica”. The name and composition of the organization has been updated to reflect our benefactors and to be more inclusive.”

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