Women International Leaders (WIL) of Greater Philadelphia

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915 Clinton St. Ste. 305
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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R. Linda Resnick
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[email protected]

Women International Leaders (WIL) of Greater Philadelphia, Inc. is an association of women concerned with women's issues globally and improving the status of women around the world. Our steps are small but focused. We educate ourselves by listening to those working in the field and through international travel; we advocate for and contribute to women's empowerment through microbanking; and we seek out like minded women to expand our influence.

WIL members are women leaders in business, academia and the professions in the Philadelphia area. We meet regularly to learn from one another or other inspiring women leaders, to share information and plan activities.

Founded in January 2007, the group is a nonprofit membership organization and is affiliated with The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) whose membership is global. WIL's activities include the following:

Educational Progams