Kiths Integrated and Targeted Human Services

Kiths Integrated and Targeted Human Services
4923 Old York Rd 1st floor
Philadelphia, PA 19141
Contact Phone Number: 
(215) 278-6222
Contact Email Address: 
[email protected]

KITHS is a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting Asian Americans, immigrants, and refugees in the Philadelphia region. 

According to their website, their mission is to connect immigrants and refugees with resources vital to their livelihood. KITHS advocates for the strengthening of the immigrant and refugee communities by providing opportunities for skill building that promotes self-sufficiency.

KITHS was founded because of Philadelphia’s long history of accepting and supporting refugees and immigrants. As immigrants are an integral part of Philadelphia’s culture, KITHS strives to serve their needs. For example, they provide resources to help immigrants navigate legal resources available to them at the local, state, and federal level as well as providing those resources themselves. 

In addition, KITHS serves as a strong Cambodian American business network and has multiple local partners in the Philadelphia area. 

One of their main community projects is the KITHS Kitchen and Garden/ Emergency Pantry. Serving as a community garden, this program ensures community members have access to not only nutritious foods but culturally affirming foods.

In addition, KITHS hosts multiple events aimed at creating safe spaces for community members to converse and connect. For instance, their program called Coffee & Conversations has created a space for immigrant and refugee adults and elders to connect with community members, sharing stories over coffee and food. In addition, the program From Genocide to Tableside has also created a safe space for discussion, but on heavier topics centered around history and trauma in the hopes of healing. 

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