Freethought Society

In order to provide more services to the non-theist community, the Freethought Society provides services not offered by other groups. The goal is to raise awareness and acceptance of the non-theist community.

FS seeks volunteers to become official representatives of FS.

Projects include:

Acknowledgment of Secular Occasions
Anti-Discrimination Support Network
Billboards/Bus Signs
Diversity Outreach
Establishment of Meet-Up Groups
Free Speech Zone Displays
Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Center
Helping Hands/Community Service Programs
Media Training
Mentoring Connection
Meetings (Social and Educational)
Speaker’s Bureau
Street Fair Participation
Student Outreach
Teaching Acceptance

There are many talented people currently involved with FS, but the search is always on for more volunteers, speakers, committee chair persons, board members and representatives who can serve as freethought advocates. When opportunities arise, FS should be in a position to react and participate. If you can’t volunteer, please consider donating. Donations can be earmarked to support any or all of the above highlighted projects. FS will make sure that your money is used specifically for that project. Donations that are not earmarked will be used for FS operational needs (which are, on average, close to $500 a month).

With your involvement, each year will be a year that non-theists become more vocal, organized and much more visible.

There are multiple ways to connect with the Freethought Society!

The discussion forums are for our members to discuss any and all issues that interest them. They include event announcements which keep our members and friends updated and informed about FS events and news as well as discussions. The conversation/discussion items will differ between the Yahoo and FB groups. Sign up for both and don’t miss a thing!

Don’t skip our MEETUP group, which has announcements from the Freethought Society AND announcements from other Philadelphia region (PA, DE, NJ) affiliated groups!

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