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Citizen Diplomacy International is a nonprofit organization that empowers Philadelphians to represent our city and the United States through person-to-person diplomacy. We believe that personal interactions help shape U.S. foreign relations, have an impact on our national security and the United States’ reputation around the world.

We showcase the best of Philadelphia and make global connections for our citizens; inspiring Philadelphia to be a global city and be globally recognized.

Our network of volunteer Citizen Diplomats welcomes nearly 1300 international visitors every year to Philadelphia on high school exchange programs, professional exchange programs and trade missions.

We partner with the Department of State and the City of Philadelphia to host international delegations and show them all of the great things that Philadelphia's world famous for - which is more than just cheesesteaks.

International exchange contributes to the world's growth and stability and enriches Philadelphia with a deeper understanding of world cultures and ideas.

A more civil, peaceful and prosperous world starts with you.

Be a Citizen Diplomat.

The Sister Cities Program of Philadelphia consists of the following Sister and Partnership Cities:


  • 1964 -- Florence, Italy
  • 1966 -- Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1976 -- Torun, Poland
  • 1980 -- Tianjin, China
  • 1983 -- Incheon, Korea
  • 1986 -- Douala, Cameroon
  • 1992 -- Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


  • 1986 -- Kobe, Japan
  • 1997 -- Abruzzo, Italy
  • 1999 -- Aix-en-Provence, France


As of August 18, 2022, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia (“the Council”) and Citizen Diplomacy International Philadelphia (“Citizen Diplomacy”) announced that their respective international affairs-focused non-profit organizations will merge. This decision was made after a comprehensive 18-month period of due diligence and organizational collaboration, with approval by the respective Boards of Directors for Citizen Diplomacy (August 12) and the Council (August 17). While the merger is subject to required governmental notices and approvals, the organizations will immediately begin operating in partnership under an approved management agreement.   Lauren Swartz will serve as President and CEO. Andrea W. Silva, Interim President & CEO of Citizen Diplomacy, will become a Vice President for the Council. All employees of both the Council and Citizen Diplomacy be retained. The unified entity will operate under the name World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

For more information about this merge, please click here.

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