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Jessica Barber
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Philadelphia has proudly joined the exclusive league of just eight destinations in the United States to have its own dedicated Michelin Green Guide, solidifying its status as a premier travel hotspot for American and foreign visitors alike. The collaboration between the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau and Michelin has brought forth a comprehensive guide that dives into the city's top attractions, dining establishments, accommodations, and experiences in both Philadelphia and The Countryside.

Dating back to 1900, the Michelin Guide has been a global authority in recognizing exceptionalle guide vert philadelphie restaurants and hotels, offering travelers an “unrivaled level of detail” when choosing destinations to explore. The Green Guide Series is renowned for presenting a city's top attractions for visits of any duration.

Whether it be the World Heritage City Designation, 67 National Historic Landmarks, a booming culinary scene, world-renowned universities, a network of over 4,000 public murals, or fascinating museums and music venues - Philadelphia stands out as a remarkable choice for exploration.

Described by Michelin as the "Frenchest American city," Philadelphia strikes a balance between American opulence and European charm, while still guarding the grit that the city is known for. The editors commend the city for its cultural vibrancy, unexpected artistry, and rich historical heritage that can be found in all corners of the city.

What sets Philadelphia apart in Michelin's eyes? Editor-in-chief of the Michelin Green Guide, Philippe Orain, emphasizes Philadelphia as the ideal gateway to the U.S. and the East Coast, citing the manageable Philadelphia International Airport and convenient travel options for those embarking on multi-stop journeys. Recognizing Philadelphia as the birthplace of America, he labels it as the "most important historical city in the U.S." and a prime introduction to the nation for foreign tourists. European visitors can enjoy nonstop flights from Paris (CDG) and Zurich (ZRH).

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Philadelphia’s strong human identity, evident in each of its neighborhoods, also draws visitors and residents alike. In a recent interview with the head of Friends Select School, Michael Gary recounted his first visit to Philadelphia before making the decision to move permanently. Coming from the New England states as an African American, Gary resonated with the lively diversity of the city where “in an urban setting” he saw “a lot more Michael Garys not just in my school, but in my neighborhood and my surroundings, which was far different from New England.”

The vibrant diversity of the city can be seen in every neighborhood. According to a Pew Research Center study, “Philadelphia has one of the most diverse immigrant communities among the cities studied and has a much different profile than the country as a whole, where Latin American immigrants are in the majority.”

Philadelphia's Michelin Green Guide showcases attractions rated from one to three stars, with three stars denoting experiences "worth a special journey." Independence National Historical Park, the Liberty Bell, George Washington’s tent at the Museum of the American Revolution, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Barnes Foundation, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are among the three-star gems. The Countryside destinations of Nemours Estate and Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library also earn this highest recognition.

phila museum of art

The guide further features one-star and two-star ratings, highlighting destinations "worth a visit" and "worth a detour" respectively. Notable mentions include Longwood Gardens, Eastern State Penitentiary, Reading Terminal Market, and Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

reading terminal market

The English version of the Michelin Green Guide is accessible on major platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, and Bookshop. The French version is also available for purchase.

As for the Michelin Red Guide, which awards stars to a destination's chefs and restaurants, Philadelphia remains on the watchlist. The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau is the primary point of contact for Michelin, and while there's no current news about Philadelphia's inclusion, enthusiasts can express their support by emailing [email protected].

Philadelphia's induction into the esteemed Michelin Green Guide series not only cements its standing as a premier travel destination but also underscores its global significance as a World Heritage City. From its renowned culinary scene to its wealth of historic landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods, Philadelphia offers visitors an experience they won’t forget.

Explore the richness of Philadelphia with Michelin's guide, and for more travel recommendations and tips, visit Discover Philadelphia’s “Plan Your Trip” page. 

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