International Education Programs

Global education is a priority in many countries. Their initiatives tend to converge on a few fundamental orientations. Several view the world as one system—human life as shaped by a history of global interdependence. Others highlight a commitment to the idea that there are basic human rights, including social and economic equality as well as basic freedoms. Most emphasize a commitment to cultural diversity and the importance of intercultural understanding and acceptance of differences of opinion and a few point to environmental awareness and planetary sustainability.

We want each Philadelphian to be a global citizen who feels comfortable in any situation they are presented with, regardless of where they may be. If we are doing our jobs correctly, our students will learn the skills they need to be successful in college and in their careers. By forming better global citizens, we are trying to create a ripple effect to benefit others outside of our Philadelphia school walls.

The Greater Philadelphia Region has much to offer in the area of K-12 education and boasts a wide range of universities and colleges. Check out the following list of internationally-focused schools in our region.

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K-12 international schools


International colleges and university programs

  • Berlitz Philadelphia Learning Center, Philadelphia (French, Italian, Spanish, German, ESL, and more)
    Programs for adults and children as well as for government employees, executives and other busy professionals in insurance and finance, life sciences, telecommunications and other industries. We also offer language assessment and testing services.

  • Lingual Institute, Philadelphia, PA (Over 50 languages offered)
    Private, semi-private, or group classes; also has a Corporate Executive Program for businesses with international reach.
  • The Philadelphia School of Languages, Philadelphia (Spanish classes, ESL classes, and more)
    Offers English and foreign languages classes, as well as professional translation services, tutoring, and guidance
  • Spanish Language School, Philadelphia (Spanish)
    Group, private, or semi-private classes
  • UPENN College of Liberal and Professional Studies Post-Baccalaureate Studies, Philadelphia (Multiple languages offered)
    For those who already have a Bachelor degree


International continuing education programs

The German Society of Pennsylvania, evening adult classes, Philadelphia (German)