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World Computer Day

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Each year World Computer Day explores a new theme.

The theme this year is:


  • Looking Beyond the Famous Computer Successes
  • Historical Significance of an Apparently Failed Project
  • Were They Ahead of their Time?
  • Rethinking Failure in Computer Heritage

1) RCA Selectron of Lancaster PA
The Selectron was an early form of digital computer memory - 1943; The first step in "storage" 1943-49


  • Bob Roswell, CEO of System Source Computer Museum
  • Charles Osborn of
  • Robert Gillespie consummate Tube Collector

2) Philco Transac - Philco of Philadelphia
Philco produced the world's fastest all-transistor computer the Transac S-2000, in 1958.

3) ORDVAC to ILLIAC - For Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
The University of Illinois Tie with Aberdeen. Ordvac to Illiac Series
For the University of Illinois. All 4 are "one off" machines.
Discussion of Illiac Suite for String Quartet- First score composed by a computer.
Built in Paoli, PA


  • Daniel Atkins III, University of Michigan, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Illiac I, II and III
  • John Day, Professor at Boston University, developer of early operating systems, experienced in Illiac IV, Arpanet and Internet
  • Gary Feierbach (Illiac IV - 1964)
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