World Computer Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 6:54pm

The World Computer Day logo is a blend of great design, practical format and simple, crisp text. The date is February 15th, annually. The earth in the middle of the letter O reinforces the global nature of this project.  The 6502 Chip is the theme for 2022 in which we all celebrate the positive benefits that the 6502 had on computing; the chip that changed the world. The logo helps to raise awareness and present the unifying message of "Celebrating Computers and the People Who Make IT Happen". And, it includes the web site URL of  When you use the logo, please include the indexing hashtag of #WorldComputerDay in your social media posts. Feel free to use this official Logo wherever you celebrate World Computer Day.

 Click here to watch the event on youtube.

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