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Steve Green's Return of the Griot’s Groove: The Power of the Drum - Jazz Cultural Voices Series

Steve Green

Return of the Griot’s Groove: The power of the Drum 

The program takes a musical journey through the origin of African American Music while reflecting on the historical and cultural experiences that birthed the creation of this great art form. The Music, dance and poetry that would rise from the ashes of oppression to captivate and change the entire world. Return of the Griots Groove is American History. Return of the Griots Groove is our history. 

Combining live musical performances with video, dance and poetry. Told in the tradition of the Griots of West Africa. We will walk through historical events that took place and the music that evolved as a result. We will focus on the power of the drums as we demonstrate how the times affected the music and the music affected the times. From the guttural moans of despair to celebratory shouts of the hallelujah chorus, we will walk through the story of the African American diaspora.  

Beginning with the drums of West Africa. To the slave songs of secret communication. Through the Negro spirituals that sustained. Then to the birth of the Blues and to New Orleans for the birth of Jazz.  Next the evolution of Rhythm and blues and Rock and roll. Then the celebration of Soul, Funk and the ONE. Culminating in the explosion of Hip-hop. The power of the drum is central in all forms of African American music. We celebrate the pride and achievements of a people who continue to rise above a system designed to kill their spirit and the music that continues to flow from the soul of America. This is the return of the Griots Groove.

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