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Latin American Book Fair

latin american book fair

The Free Library of Philadelphia proudly invites you to  immerse yourself in a world of literary and artistic wonder as we celebrate Hispanic and Latinx Heritage  Month with the Latin American Book Fair kickoff and exhibition opening. Join us at the Heim Center for  Cultural and Civic Engagement, Free Library of Philadelphia, on Friday, October 13, 2023, from 1-4 p.m.,  for a memorable reception that marks the opening ceremony of the Fifth Edition of the Latin American  Book Fair. 

Now in its fifth year, LABF continues to be a beacon for readers, writers, poets, and art enthusiasts alike.  It offers a unique opportunity to come together, honoring our heritage and shared stories through  literature and culture. As we prepare for the grand gathering on October 14 at Taller Puertorriqueño, we  extend a warm welcome to people of all ages to join us for a vibrant kickoff event that showcases art,  music, fashion, and networking opportunities. 

Our free public drop-in event promises an enriching experience, featuring an opening reception for the  captivating exhibition "Micro/Macro: Cosmos" in the Library’s West Gallery One. Additionally, you can  explore a diverse collection of library materials available for browsing and checkout. Don't miss the  chance to admire traditional Peruvian outfits from the Peruvian American community organization  PATHere, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Peru's Coast, Andean, and Jungle regions. 

About "Micro/Macro: Cosmos" Art Exhibition 
"Micro/Macro: Cosmos" is an extraordinary art exhibition presented in collaboration with LABF. It  invites you to witness the intricate artistic process that unfolds when creative reuse, bold graphic  artistry, and generative expression converge to create a public display that is as expansive as it is  intimate. This multimedia showcase, which spans languages and cultures, is ephemeral art created by  and for the community, using familiar elements reimagined to inspire inquiry and lifelong learning. 
Salvador Pereira, the artistic visionary behind this exhibition, was born in Cajamarca, Peru, in 1943. His  artistry made its debut at the age of 23 and has since graced collections in countries such as Colombia,  Cuba, Argentina, Switzerland, Peru, and the United States. Pereira is celebrated for his meticulous use of  lines, artfully interwoven to represent the rich tapestry of global cultures. His quote, "Cosmos is the  culmination of ideas I have been developing since the birth of my art," encapsulates the essence of this  remarkable exhibition.

About Peruvian Americans Together Here (PATHere) 
PATHere, a non-profit organization founded in Pennsylvania in 2020, is driven by a group of passionate  Peruvian-Americans united by their commitment to serve and support the Peruvian-American  community. Through cultural events, social advocacy, and educational programs, PATHere empowers  and enriches the community. At our event, PATHere presents the exhibition "Traditional Regional  Peruvian Dresses," a labor of love by Peruvian artisans who have faithfully preserved the traditional  techniques passed down through generations. Explore the cultural tapestry of Peru through these  stunning outfits from the Coast, Andean, and Jungle regions. 

About the Latin American Book Fair 
LABF, supported by Taller Puertorriqueño and powered by the collaborative efforts of community  organizations and media partners, promises a dynamic celebration under the theme "Celebrating  Heritage, Language, and Culture." LABF is on a mission to nurture early reading habits, recognizing their  positive impact on education and personal growth. This event is a catalyst for igniting a lifelong passion  for literature across all generations. 

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