Sustainable Development Goal #1: No Poverty


This art project is the first out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and has become the third goal aimed at achieving the goal of No Poverty in the campaign at Global Philadelphia Association.

  • Sponsor of the project: John Smith III & Susan Smith 
  • Grantee: Still Under Consideration
  • Artist(s): Gabe Tiberino

About Gabe Tiberino

Gabe explains he had no choice but to become an artist. "From the time I was born I lived in an environment erupting with a multitude of artists and creativity." After attending the High School for Creative and Performing Arts, he became a student at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. 

  • Location of the painting: To Be Decided
  • Academic Partner: To Be Decided


To learn more about SDG#1: No Poverty, visit the United Nations SDG#1 No Poverty page.