Sustainable Development Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy

University of Pennsylvania graduate student Eliza Nobles created a clever and thematic mural for SDG #7: Affordable and Clean Energy. The work resides at the boathouse in FDR Park and illustrates four sustainable energy sources.

“These four elements are the predominant renewable resources that can be employed to meet the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals,” Nobles said of her concept. “Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric energy. These four resources are clean, affordable, and accessible. They do not emit atmospheric carbon or other pollutants. They are renewable, and they can be widely implemented around the globe.”


Local Impact

Each mural project contains a grant awarded to a deserving organization doing related work. In this case, the grant was awarded to the Friends of FDR Park, also hosting the awareness-raising mural.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Global Context 

Progress has been made in improving access to electricity and clean cooking fuels, but significant challenges remain. Approximately 675 million people still lack access to electricity, and 2.3 billion rely on unsafe and polluting fuels for cooking. The war in Ukraine and global economic uncertainty have impacted energy prices, leading to varied investments in renewables and coal usage, posing risks to the green transition.

Without accelerated efforts, around 660 million people will still lack electricity access, and nearly 2 billion will continue to rely on polluting fuels for cooking by 2030. To achieve universal energy access, electrification must be accelerated, renewable energy sources prioritized, and electricity grids improved. International support for clean energy in developing countries needs revitalization to meet SDG7 targets.


Thanks To 

GPA is grateful for the efforts of artist Eliza Nobles and sponsor UPenn Kleinman Energy Center for Energy Policy. Thanks and congratulations to Friends of FDR Park for hosting the mural and becoming the grant recipient for this meaningful project.