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United African Education Foundation

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The United African Educational Foundation (UAEF) is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the aim of addressing more directly the educational needs and aspirations of school children of African descent in the United States and other parts of the world. As part of the educational outreach, UAEF produces and publishes a series of African fables and folktales in the form of children’s books, as well as other forms of learning material and educational services. We believe that investing in the productive education of our children is the smart way of investing in our future. To this end, UAEF is firmly about the business of lifting the minds and aspirations of our young that they may lift our world to a perfect humanity.

As part of our educational outreach, we produce and publish a series of African fables and folktales in the form of children’s- and literacy-books, and other forms of learning material and educational services. At present, we have published and issued three books in the series that have been adopted by several school districts as part of their core curriculum for character education for grades 5 through 8. The School District of Philadelphia (PA) has adopted and is using our books in 219 of its schools. Our books and services have also been adopted by the East Orange Board of Education (NJ), The School District of Camden (NJ), and the Newark Public Schools (NJ), and are being used in dozens of their schools and classrooms as part of their core curriculum for literacy and character education.


Our Mission also is

  • to provide African heritage workshops and centers for the exhibition of African art and culture, including languages, culinary arts, fashion and hairstyling, music, dance, the dramatic arts, fables and folklore, woodcarving and sculpturing, graphic arts and painting, and discussions on herbal medicine and other indigenous healing systems and community problem solving.
  • to sponsor an annual academic symposium involving scholars from the U.S., Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world.
  • to provide reading, writing, math-remediation, and G. E. D. preparation in the form of classroom settings for indigent urban and rural adults, and to encourage these individuals to enroll in continuing education programs at local colleges and universities.
  • to provide professional development (PD) for public school teachers in the form of workshops and symposiums.
  • to provide educational consultancy to public schools in terms of course and curriculum development, and progressive and innovative pedagogical strategies and techniques.
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