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1528 Walnut Street 10th Floor
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Samuel Fels Fund

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The Samuel S. Fels Fund is a private independent foundation with a commitment to improving conditions and opportunities for communities that are marginalized within the City of Philadelphia.

We provide grants to support services, advocacy and activities that move us towards a more socially, racially and economically just society.

The Samuel S. Fels Fund was founded in 1935 by Samuel S. Fels, a Philadelphia philanthropist who made his money in the manufacture of Fels Naptha, a popular household soap. We are a private independent foundation with broad interests in community programs, education and the arts.

According to our charter, we seek to support projects “which prevent, lessen or resolve contemporary social problems”, or which seek to provide permanent improvements “in human daily life”.

Our grants are restricted to organizations located in the City of Philadelphia or focused on local issues.