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The Netherland-America Association
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​The Netherlands-America Association

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The Netherlands-America Association of the Delaware Valley was initially founded in 1957 by two men named Peter Gerding and Sylvain Van Gobes with the primary purpose of assisting new immigrants from The Netherlands, Flanders and Dutch East India in finding accommodation and employment. It served as a crucial resource during their initial settlement phase. Over time, as these families became more established and stable, the club evolved into a vibrant hub for preserving Dutch traditions; to speak Dutch with one another and fostering new connections and friendships within the community.

We organize a variety of cultural events throughout the year such as the King's day celebration, our annual rijsttafel, Sinterklaas feest, soccer game get togethers, and more!

​Our mission is to foster a sense of community among our members, promote Dutch culture, and strengthen the ties between The Netherlands and the Delaware Valley region.

Whether you are a Dutch national living in the area, of Dutch origin, or simply interested in learning more about our culture, NAADV welcomes you with open arms! Join us in membership as we celebrate our heritage.