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National Hispanic Institute

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NHI’s premise has always been clear and straightforward. A population that will soon become 1 in 5 Americans by 2050 must have a sustainable human talent pipeline of highly skilled, creative, and socially developed leaders able to influence the direction of its own community’s future. A talent pool with the desire and ability to contribute towards the benefit of society as a whole.

In preparing for these changes, NHI also realizes that old solutions to strident and complex human challenges are no longer viable. What is required is an institutional framework and structure allowing for a new era of future Latino leaders to replace deficit community views with an asset understanding of themselves and the community that bolsters self-confidence, uplifts the spirit, and provides the tools and means for self-change and self-growth.

NHI’s work concentrates on selecting the caliber of high school and college age youth with the greatest potential to succeed. We engage them in leadership learning experiences that further their leadership readiness and capacities. Latino communities both in the U.S. and internationally are fortune to benefit from the large pools of upcoming youth talent that represent immense community potential.

NHI’s work is primarily conducted during the summer when U.S. schools are in recess. In collaboration with several colleges and universities NHI experiences are held on campuses over 5-8 days. These efforts are supported annually by more than 1,200 alumni volunteers who annually assist NHI with its community leadership programs through various training roles and functions. Over 3,000 students participate each summer coast to coast and located in key geographic centers throughout the United States including Texas, Colorado, California, Illinois, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Panama, through the Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge), is the current abroad nation that hosts an international program.

Students from 26 states and 7 countries annually attend NHI programs. Annually, NHI high school alumni enroll in college at a 99% rate, enroll in competitive/selective institutions at a 94% rate, and graduate in 5 years or less at a 90% rate. Alumni of NHI enroll in graduate studies at a 68% rate.
NHI’S Curricular Approach to Leadership
There are no traditional lectures, guest panels, or teacher-style presentations at NHI leadership programs. Instead, students participate in highly interactive learning games and simulations where the domain for learning remains in the hands of the participants. A staged series of learning experiences guide student development from their freshman year through high school. Each stage focuses on specific learning skills, competencies, and areas of knowledge. They are also structured to engage students in reflective thinking and personal social analysis as an important means for changing mindsets. Two books, Third Reality: Crafting a 21st Century Latino Agenda and Third Reality Revealed: Vision, Persistence, and Inventing a New Latino Identity act as the chief texts for student development.