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320 Orgeon Ave
Suite 4B
Philadelphia, PA 19148
United States

Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia (AACCGP)

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Civic/Community Organization
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The Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACCGP) aims to promote and maintain business relationship with Asian and non-Asian businesses.

Asian AACCGP is organized to serve Asian businesses. They will provide variety of services to our membership. They will pursue opportunities for Asian businesses in the main stream. They will be the liaison to corporations to access Asian American Businesses and Asian market.

Asia businesses make significant contributions to the economy in this region by creating jobs. They intend to continue promoting small business entrepreneurship to enhance our participation in the economic growth in this region.

Mission and Purpose
• Promote and foster business relationship with Asian and Non Asian Businesses
• Serve as the liaison for corporations seeking business relationship with Asian Community
• Promote economic growth that benefits Asian Businesses and support business growth
• Provide Technical and Educational support to small and emerging Asian Business

• Unite various Asian Businesses and business organization to collectively work for growth of Asian Businesses.
• Work on providing mainstream business access to Asian American Businesses.
• Work with other chambers and minority agencies to increase market share for minority businesses.                          

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