Thierry Jambage

Chief Executive Officer
Migrated automatically.

Born in the Belgian Congo, Thierry studied economics at the Brussels ULB University. He immigrated to the US in 1995. Thierry was VP of Sales and Marketing at the Bureau of Translation Services (BTS), where he met Jean-Luc Saillard. They both left BTS to start STAR-USA, which was the first US-based office of STAR AG, one of the world's major translation and translation software development companies.

Jean-Luc and Thierry left STAR-USA in 2001 to set up the worldwide operations of Xplanation Language Services, a Belgium-based translation company. In 2002, they created their own company in the US: Connective Language Services. Thierry is the President of Connective, nowadays a multi-million dollars company with offices in the US and in Europe.

Recently, Connective Language Services has joined forces with ABBYY Language Services, one of the fastest growing divisions of the ABBYY Group, to become ABBYY Language Services USA.

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