John Mathew

Founder of Cossist
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A technology enthusiast who is passionate about making life better for community-at-large. Many years of Big 5 consulting experience and currently working to provide a better experience for Tourists and Vacationers. Will realize this vision through Cossist, an unavoidable global mobile platform for Tourists and Businesses who serve to the Tourism industry. We serve Hotels Museums Vacation Rentals Airlines Tour Operators Local Experience Providers It is true that we see a slump due to Covid-19. But Travel and Tourism have to return.

At least that is what history has shown us. John is looking forward to rebuilding Philadelphia Tourism with reignited vigor and passion. He is equally committed to providing job opportunities for the less fortunate around us. In addition to running Cossist, he is the founding member of a non-profit organization with a mission to uplift the unfortunate in the society. Besides, through Cossist, a dedicated effort is underway to provide job opportunities for the neglected ones in the society as well. My contact [email protected] , or 215-939-4581 . You may also visit us at

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