Philadelphia Role on Sustainable Development Goals


Philadelphia has many organizations that are doing the work of the goals. All too often, however, that work lacks general recognition and adequate funding.
The Sustainable Development Goals Campaign in Philadelphia has been designed to change this situation. A unique, multi-layered initiative, this campaign combines a creative mix of ingredients - the interpretive power of art, the knowledge resource represented by our region’s colleges and universities, eminent corporate and individual sponsors, and strategic siting of each of the works to be created - with financial contributions to Philadelphia-based nonprofit organizations exemplifying the respective goals and doing their work.

The awareness-raising facet of the Campaign will lead the way for the other elements. Over the next three years, 10’ x 10’ canvasses will be created and installed at strategic locations across the city. Each one will be an original work of art, painted by a prominent Philadelphia artist. In effect, Philadelphia will become an art gallery devoted to the Sustainable Development Goal movement.

Global Philadelphia Association has already commissioned the first artwork, and it will proceed to commission 16 more unique works of public art, one for each goal, and arrange to have them placed at various sites throughout the Greater Philadelphia community.

Sponsors of the paintings will enjoy the distinction of being identified with a goal and enabling great art in support of it. Hosting sites will be admired for displaying the canvasses at their locations. University-led research projects will accompany each SDG project.

Finally, and importantly, a portion of every sponsorship fee will be donated to a nonprofit organization doing the real work of a goal being celebrated. In all, seventeen worthwhile organizations will be highlighted and receive grants generated by the Campaign. The Campaign will thereby give greater visibility to what they do and provide example-setting funding.