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Philadelphia is the birthplace of America’s democracy and a world-class city at the heart of a world-class region — an international destination with a richly woven fabric of global communities, organizations, and businesses. For more than three centuries, the world’s peoples have come here to find new opportunities and dream of a better future. Over the same period, Philadelphia has been exporting its ideas, energy, and products to friends and neighbors all over the world. Whether you are a visitor or a regional resident, this site is your portal to everything that’s international in our region. Discover what’s global about Philadelphia!


On January 21, the director of the University of Pennsylvania's Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program hosted a panel discussion on...


This second edition will span two months - September 15th to November 15th, 2015 – and aim to feature 200 events of international...

Economic Development

Economic forecasts in recent years have ranged from dire to lackluster. With the job market rebounding, low gas prices fueling increased...


Technology seems to be expanding at an exponential rate, with each passing year, month, and even day bringing about the latest and...

Global Conversations

When younger, Allison Vulgamore moved quite frequently with her parents, who worked in academia. She says growing up with this...