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GlobalPhilly 2015

We have a lot of amazing events for the global citizen to do in the Philadelphia region!

Science and Technology

Change is a constant in the world of innovation. And just like the entrepreneurs and innovators supported by the Science Center, they...

International Relations

Join us for this special event featuring The Foreign Policy Research Institute's (FPRI) Clint Watts on the subject of...

Community Development

Through waves of immigration and conversion over several centuries, Islam and Muslims have become vital parts of Pennsylvania's...


The saying "Only in America" easily describes the brilliant career of George Gershwin. Born in Brooklyn in 1898 as the son of...

In the News

On a recent episode of the Tone and Tenor Show, Global Philadelphia Association's Executive Director Zabeth Teelucksingh and...

Education K-12

In honor of the 51st anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage in all U.S. states...