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GlobalPhilly 2015

We have a lot of amazing events for the global citizen to do in the Philadelphia region this fall!

Take in a world music concert or attend an ethnic festival. Participate in a Nation Day, a conference or symposium on an international topic at one of the region's distinguished colleges and universities or research institutes. Attend a public reception for visitors from another country or a talk by a senior foreign policy official!

Check the GlobalPhilly 2015 events calendar today!

World Heritage City

Mayor Kenney announced Thursday that every fourth Thursday in May will be World Heritage Day in Philadelphia, a recognition of the...

World Heritage City

Coverage of  Mayor Jim Kenney as he announces Philadelphia's First Annual World Heritage Day and unveils Philadelphia's...


Returning for the third year to its popular flagship site, 15th and South Streets, the Pop Up Garden will be operated by the renowned...

Global Philadelphia Association

Why Join?

The month of May, 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting month at GPA. So what's up? Well first, in a few days...

Chambers of Commerce

In the seventh decade of a special relationship built on shared political values, mutual security interests, and close trade relations...


 At CDI's First Thursday prime networking events, attendees can expect to meet interesting and lively people from around the...