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Philadelphia is the birthplace of America’s democracy and a world-class city at the heart of a world-class region — an international destination with a richly woven fabric of global communities, organizations, and businesses. For more than three centuries, the world’s peoples have come here to find new opportunities and dream of a better future. Over the same period, Philadelphia has been exporting its ideas, energy, and products to friends and neighbors all over the world. Whether you are a visitor or a regional resident, this site is your portal to everything that’s international in our region. Discover what’s global about Philadelphia!


Through the recently introduced Step Up to Citizenship campaign, the city of Philadelphia will help immigrants on the path to becoming U...

International Studies
Gabrielle Van Jaarsveld has lived in South Africa...
Cultural Preservation/Heritage

Are you a descendant of an Indigenous group of this continent? Are you of mixed blood Native, Indigenous? Do you speak an Indigenous...

Human Services

The M. Night Shyamalan Foundation (MNSF), locally based and world-focused, is hosting their first-ever panel discussion, “Action...

World Heritage City

Did you know that Philadelphia’s City Hall is the largest and the tallest City Hall in the United States? And that there...

GlobalPhilly™ 2015

There is no doubt, Philadelphia is a world-class city of cultural, political and economic note. Otherwise, why would the Pope...