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Consult the pages below for news about international affairs in the region and the activities of the organizations, businesses, people, and communities that contribute to the global character of Philadelphia.  

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Article by Charlotte Thomas, GPA Ambassador
October 11, 2017
Article by Louis Bolling (October 10, 2017). Retrieved from
October 10, 2017
Press release PHILADELPHIA – October 9, 2017
October 9, 2017
On October 6, 2017, Zabeth Teelucksingh, GPA's Executive Director, was invited on the Tone and Tenor Radio Show to talk about Philadelphia's World Heritage Distinction and the GlobalPhilly Expo. Listen to the podcast below:
October 9, 2017
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October 6, 2017
Article by Charlotte Thomas, GPA Ambassador.
October 4, 2017
Article by Graziella DiNuzzo (October 3, 2017). Retrieved from Philly.
October 3, 2017
Article by Charlotte Thomas, GPA Ambassador Click here for pictures of the event
September 29, 2017
Article retrived from
September 28, 2017