Below you will find a sampling of resources related to Philadelphia's global character and other international matters--background on civic initiatives, research findings, policy documents, and publications--as well as links to relevant sites.

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Global Ideas Summit Notes Topic 1: Implement a public engagement campaign to inform the regional population about Philadelphia’s status as a World Heritage City and activate a discussion of the resulting opportunities. Campaign to inform region and activate discussion of opportunities (Implement a public engagement campaign to inform the regional population about Philadelphia’s status as a World Heritage City and activate a discussion of the resulting opportunities.)
Located in one of America’s most culturally and historically rich cities, Philadelphia real estate stands to significantly benefit from our new status as the United States’ first World Heritage City. Although literature on the impact of world heritage status on property values is still limited, such research as is available suggests that many cities across the globe have experienced a positive “world heritage effect”, both directly and indirectly. The discussion below reviews the subject and is followed by detailed references to the supporting research.
Helpful links provided by Health Insurance Marketplace regarding immigration families and the Affordable Care Act:
Many people have found that "classroom English" is very different from "conversational English" - they have trouble speaking even after years of study. The same is true of those who have studied foreign languages. Courses at IHP are offered in a uniquely multinational environment, and emphasize the strengthening of conversation skills. 
In 1972, UNESCO adopted the “Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage”, which provided for the inscription of natural or cultural sites on a “World Heritage List.” Numerous such sites have been inscribed on the list in succeeding decades, including a relatively modest number of sites in the United States. The sites in the U.S. have tended to be in the category of natural sites. One significant exception is Independence Hall. Independence Hall was inscribed in 1979 as a cultural site. 
Philadelphia's International Market is more than a city with international grocery stores, it's a destination! Browse their International Food, International Favorites, World Foods. Find all the tasty global foods you've been searching for. Submit your favorite place! Click on the top left corner icon  to see the entire list!  
GLOBALLY-MINDED LEADERSHIP A public information project sponsored by the Global Philadelphia Association Nancy Gilboy and Craig Snyder, Project Co-Chairs
From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the writing of our Constitution, Philadelphia has become known as the birthplace of the nation. But the Revolution didn’t just take place at Independence Hall — a lot of seminal events in the Revolutionary War went down in the Greater Philadelphia area.
On December 8th, 2014, the Global Philadelphia Association hosted its second “Global Idea Summit” at Drexel University’s Bossone Center. It was a chance for members to connect with one another, to hear from distinguished leaders of the international community and to offer their own unique perspectives on the most critical global initiatives seizing Philadelphia at the moment.
The Immigration and Migration section of the Philadelphia Encyclopedia contains a number of valuable articles describing the different waves of immigration and groups of immigrants that have come to the area throughout the years. 
Apply for an internship with the World Affairs Council! Internships available include corporate/membership, education, programs/communications and travel.
 It’s hard to argue with how much technology is changing our lives. There’s an app for nearly everything now, and for international students studying in the U.S., they will surely make their experience living abroad much easier. Students who have just arrived should check out the following apps — most of which are available for both Apple devices and those that run on Google’s Android system.  
English Literacy and Civics students will improve reading and writing skills while learning about U.S. Government, history, civics, and citizenship. Vocational ESL students will prepare for the U.S. workplace and receive support locating employment.
Inequality has become a universal concern. Differentials in access to opportunities, income, consumption, location, information and technology are now the norm, not the exception. For the majority of people on the planet, income disparities are greater today than they were a generation ago.   Read more here... 
English may be spoken all over the world, but that doesn't mean it's the most popular language or that you're not missing out if you choose to associate exclusively with English speakers. Learning a new language can help tremendously with your career prospects, your college education and experiences, travel, and personal enjoyment of the arts and culture and it can just be fun. Most people think that once they’ve left high school or college, their opportunity to learn a foreign language has passed, but this isn’t true.
As you walk pass the chumps taking off their belts and shoes in the TSA airport security line, past the harried travelers opening their laptops and waiting for the scans of their carry-ons to be completed, it's probably best if you just smile casually and skim your fingers across the brim of your fedora in a polite salute. You're headed for the express line. The line lurkers will wonder: Is he a diplomat? Special forces? Government agent? Who could possibly qualify to skip the security checkpoint and stroll to their gate with such savoir-faire?