Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education


                                                                                                                      Saint Joseph’s University




The mural art project is the fourth out of the seventeen SDGs, has become the second goal to be celebrated in the campaign at Global Philadelphia Association. The artwork is a colorful calligraphic interpretation of the goal supporting quality education in the City of Philadelphia.

  • Location of the painting: Saint Joseph’s University Campus & Gompers School Campus 
  • Sponsor of the project: Saint Joseph’s University
  • Artist(s): Isabella Akhtarshenas

About Isabella Akhtarshenas

Isabella Akhtarshenas is a versatile graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist. She strategically uses color and shape to implement whimsical and lively forms. As an avid houseplant collector, she’s inspired largely by the beauty of nature and interested in design for environmental sustainability.

To learn more about SDG #4: Quality Education, visit the United Nations SDG#4 Quality Education page.