Board of Directors


Board Chair
Robert J. McNeill, Managing Partner, Greater Philadelphia Region, Deloitte LLP

Chair Emeritus and Senior Counselor
John F. Smith III

Vice Chair
Lauren Swartz, President, World Affairs Council

Vice Chair
Peter Gonzales, President and CEO, Welcoming Center

Vice Chair
Harold Yaffe, The Dental Spa

Vice Chair

Vice Chair
Jill Fornito, Executive Director, Global Interdependence Center

Vice Chair
Rogelio Miñana, Vice Provost, Global Engagement, Drexel University


David Kron, Managing Director of Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors

Executive Director
Zabeth Teelucksingh, Global Philadelphia Association 


Krista Bard, Former President, Consular Corps Association of Philadelphia
David Briel, Executive Director, Department of Community and Economic Development of PA
Chellie Cameron, CEO, Philadelphia International Airport
Linda Conlin, President, World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia
Jeffrey Cooper, Vice President, Government and Community Affair, University of Pennsylvania
Carol "Rollie" Flynn, President, Foreign Policy Research Institute
Ken Fulmer, President & CEO, Urban Engineers
Jeff Guaracino, President & CEO, Visit Philadelphia
Sheila Hess, City Representative, City of Philadelphia
Peter Gonzales, President & CEO, Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians
Hai‐Lung Dai, Vice President of International Affairs and Laura Carnell Professor of Science, Temple University
Kosh Daphtary, CEO, Chemtech International
Barry Eiswerth, Architect
Jonathan Grode, Esq., Green and Spiegel LLC
Meghan Kelly, Director, Business Expansion Services, Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
Mary Day Kent
David Kron, Managing Director, Wells Fargo
Peter Longstreth, President, Consular Corps Association of Philadelphia
Jonathan Lovitz, Senior Vice President, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Michael A. Rashid, Commerce Director, City of Philadelphia
Siobhan Lyons, President, Citizen Diplomacy International
Lauren McKenna, Chancellor, Philadelphia Bar Association
Joshua Sevin, President & CEO, International House Philadelphia
Lauren Swartz, President, World Affairs Council
Gregg Caren, President & CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Julie E. Wollman, President, Widener University
Omar Woodard, Executive Director, GreenLight Philadelphia