The Strategic Plan for Philadelphia

Philadelphia has joined a prestigious company of over 270 international cities as a World Heritage City - the first in the United States! Philly is uniquely positioned to take advantage of many new opportunities for economic growth, international relationships, historic preservation, and increased tourism. The strategic plan summarizes a series of bold aspirations that come with our new status. This plan is for all Philadelphians! 

The Strategic Plan is driven by three fundamental goals

1. To promote preservation and appreciation of our geographical, historical and cultural heritage through the World Heritage City designation and continued education.

2. To provide a powerful economic and cultural stimulus to the region.

3. To inspire citizens and residents to feel pride in their World Heritage City.

Objectives and actions

To meet its goals, the Plan outlines objectives in seven categories, together with a series of actions designed to achieve each objective:

A. Neighborhood & Community Development

B. History & Preservation

C. International Relations

D. Education

E. Tourism & Hospitality

F. Arts & Culture

G. Business & Nonprofit Organizations

Download the Strategic Plan here:


What happened during the first year?