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The Contemporary Fashion Education program's mission is to give all people: professionals in the industry, entrepreneurs, students, and people sewing for themselves and their families; access to the designing, drafting, and fitting procedures used in industry to produce high-end, beautiful clothing. Our goal is to simplify technology so it can be easily understood and used to enrich life at the village level, without undo expense or danger to the environment as suggested by E.F.Schumacher in his book, Small is Beautiful, published in 1973. 

In keeping with the Small is Beautiful concepts, a treadle sewing machine could be used to do the sewing in the books, eliminating even the need for electricity. Materials and time are also reduced. Personal color analysis and wardrobe design are discussed to enable the reader to design a functional, go-anywhere wardrobe. Combining the program's designing suggestions with the program's drafting and sewing skills results in a considerable reduction of the amount of time required to produce a beautiful, functional wardrobe. 


is to publish high-end design room drafting and sewing procedures that enable industry, small business entrepreneurs, and people who sew for themselves and their families to produce beautiful clothing with minimal equipment, expense, and time. The books have been and continue to be tested by Laurel's students, many of whom work in the industry's designing departments or have micro-businesses. 

The instructions can be used to produce patterns and sample garments for clothing that will be mass-produced, that will be custom-made, and/or that will be made for personal use. The same design room procedures can be used both in industry's design rooms and in the home. Minimal equipment is needed in either situation.

The books and all of their content, and all other materials our company produces are written, edited, printed, and published in the United States. All of Contemporary Fashion Education's books and materials have been generated by the author and is original. The author owns all rights.