Dr. Craig Eisdendrath

Dr. Craig Eisendrath serves as chairman of the Project for Nuclear Awareness, an organization dedicated to furthering nuclear disarmament. Formerly, Dr. Eisendrath served as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and as a co-founder of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. He is a prolific author whose work blends philosophy, humanist thinking and political insight into a powerful advocacy for nuclear disarmament and a strong United Nations.

Winner of the State Department’s Meritorious Honor Award at the age of twenty-nine for his work leading up to the Outer Space Treaty, he served as a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington D.C. and has given more than one hundred radio and television interviews on national security topics since the September 11 attacks. He is the co-author of The Phantom Defense: America’s Pursuit of the Star Wars Illusion (with Melvin A. Goodman and Gerald Marsh), editor of National Insecurity: U.S. Intelligence After the Cold War.  He is also o-author (with Melvin A. Goodman) of the forthcoming Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives Are Putting the Nation at Risk.

A novelist and playwright, Eisendrath has taught at M.I.T., Goddard College, Temple University, and other institutions. His most recent play, “The Angel of History,” written with his wife, Roberta Spivek, is the story of a heroine of the Holocaust, Lisa Fittko, who brought the philosopher Walter Benjamin out of France. Craig Eisendrath lives in Philadelphia.