OWHC Video Competition



Every two years, the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) holds an international short video competition. Young people, ages 14-21, are invited to submit 5-minute videos about their World Heritage City reflecting on the year’s theme. The videos are evaluated in two age groups, 14-17 years old and 18-21 years old, and cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

The competition is held in two stages: a local stage overseen by Global Philadelphia Association (GPA) and an international stage overseen by the OWHC.

Local Stage: Young people in the Philadelphia region are invited to submit their videos to GPA. One local winner is chosen in each age category. The local winners are then submitted to the OWHC to represent Philadelphia in the international competition.


The deadline to submit your video for consideration at the local stage is MAY 1, 2021.


International Stage: The OWHC evaluates the videos submitted by each World Heritage City, including Philadelphia. One international winner is chosen in each age category. International winners are announced during the OWHC World Congress in Québec, September 7-10, 2021.

Prizes: The international competition winners are awarded cash prizes by the OWHC, their videos are published on the OWHC YouTube channel, and the winning Cities are recognized at the 2021 OWHC World Congress in Québec.

  • Age 14-17 Prize: $1,500 CA (about $1,180 USD)
  • Age 18-21 Prize: $3,000 CA (about $2,360 USD)

2021 Theme: “New beginning. New vision. New city.”

In this particular pandemic context, we all have to take a different look at what surrounds us. We have more time to explore our neighborhood, our city and all the little treasures and unusual details they contain. This context offers a golden opportunity for a new beginning, for a new way of seeing and appreciating our World Heritage. Take this opportunity to show us your new vision of your historic city. Has your city changed since the pandemic? How is it different? How will your city’s heritage be protected and enhanced when life returns to normal?



For more details about Eligbility and Submission Guidelines, please view this PDF.
Visit the OWHC website for more details!