LearnServe Egypt


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Dr. Laura Sicola
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(215) 850 - 0636
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[email protected]

LearnServe Egypt is a six-week exchange program that aims to provide college students in both the United States and Cairo, Egypt, with opportunities to create socially responsible, culturally aware business ventures.

During the first two weeks of this summer program, students in the United States will travel to Cairo to meet with their Egyptian counterparts and begin designing business ventures. In the next two weeks, the Egyptian students will travel to the United States, visiting Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to meet with their group members and continue working on their proposals. The final two weeks of the program, students work from within their respective countries and connect with their group members through the use of telecollaboration tools, such as email, video conferencing, and blogs. In this way, students get first-hand experience with the logistics of conducting international business

The program’s curriculum emphasizes cultural understanding, leadership, international camaraderie, and business skills. Throughout the program, as they work on and finalize their business plans, students will meet with experts in the field of international business and public policy in order to receive feedback and develop their ideas and global partnerships. At the conclusion of the program, student teams will pitch their business plans and ideas to a panel of investors, business and government sector leaders.

LearnServe Egypt emerges from a unique partnership between the Institute for Education, headquartered in D.C.; Mercator XXI, an international commerce consulting group; and Sicola Consulting Group, a consulting company specializing in culturally aware business and educational practices. These institutions have joined together to create a unique curriculum that prepares young people to participate and succeed in the global economy as leaders and entrepreneurs.