Italy-America Business Council & Network

200 S. Broad St., 9th Floor
Philadelphia 19102
200 S. Broad St., 9th Floor
Philadelphia 19102
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Marco Circelli
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Since its inception in 1991, the IABCN has been instrumental in exposing its members to the numerous business opportunities available overseas; and has facilitated many ventures among members and between its members and their European counterparts.

The Council provides its members with preferred access to the tools and resources that are essential to capitalize on today's ever-growing global economy; and with key opportunities to take your business to the next level. Business enterprise in the Greater Philadelphia Region (including southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and northern Delaware) is ripe for expansion abroad.

The European Union, with Italy as one of its doorways, is a combined market with approximately 90% of the gross domestic product of the United States and two times that of China's, represents a perfect opportunity for these businesses. This region, with its large Italo-American community is perfectly poised to profit from the commercialization of European products, particularly those of Italy.

Through their interaction, they can keep ties, build bridges, and promote growth in this region. The Council offers many opportunities and events throughout the year for its members to meet other Delaware Valley business and professionals as well as Italian companies looking to do business with you.

By sponsoring trade delegations, seminars, they act as a contact point for innumerable persons interested in all such international trade through support of the local business community. They act to facilitate contact with government agencies, chambers of commerce and other business trade organizations and consortia domestically and abroad. They also provide assistance for students in both the Philadelphia region and in Italy studying commerce and economics to find internships in the corresponding countries.

In addition, the Council has supported the local community in Philadelphia through sponsorship and contributions of time, promotional efforts and financial support. Their goal is to help you promote your business, both locally and abroad, and to position your company to take advantage of the billions of dollars in international commerce generated annually.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stand out from other businesses in your industry and get a competitive edge that would benefit any company. Why not make sure it's yours? Join the Council — follow the path to real globalization.