Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia


North Center
5412 North 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19120
South Center
2416-18 South 7th Street
Philadelphia 19148
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The Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia (CAGP) mission is to improve the quality of life of Cambodian Americans in Greater Philadelphia through direct service, advocacy, and cultural education. Our vision is to empower Cambodian Americans to be productive and successful individuals in society at large. 

CAGP, the city's foundation of social, health and education programs for Cambodian refugees and their families, has achieved extraordinary organizational development and growth over the past thirty years. We are the only organization of its kind, specializing in providing innovative and unique bilingual programs and services to meet the combined social, economic, health and academic needs of Cambodians in Philadelphia, many of whom are survivors of the Cambodian genocide or descendants of survivors.

In addition to the programs and services which were created to meet the basic needs of our community, we provide Cambodian cultural programs to preserve, share and integrate our distinctive and noble heritage into Philadelphia’s rich cultural history. Due to the extensive, as well as grassroots nature of our programming, our nationally recognized agency directly impacts and empowers low-income individuals and communities in the greater Philadelphia area.

Access to services is a vital component of CAGP's mission. Therefore, our services and programs accommodate Cambodian-American residents who use Khmer as their primary language. Our bilingual staff members are culturally sensitive and capable of offering one-on-one sessions for moral and emotional support. They are also uniquely able to counsel parents and children when conflicts between the two generations arise. We are thus able to foster parent/child communication, bridging this generational and cultural gap which exists in many immigrant families. Our programs and services are also offered to families and individuals outside of the Cambodian community, as we see how much we have developed into a community of cultural diversity, progress and opportunity.