Women's Campaign International Invites People to Help Make "All the Difference in the World" for Women and Girls Worldwide

Kathleen Quigley, for GPA -- Amid a gathering of supporters from various sectors, Women’s Campaign International held a fundraiser in Rittenhouse Square beneath the heading “All the Difference in the World: Philadelphia Celebrates Women’s Leadership.” The September 19 event specifically recognized the contributions of Mayor Michael Nutter and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown to empowering girls and women in Philadelphia. Both figures from city government were on hand to speak about the importance of ensuring that opportunities for women’s personal growth are made widely available.

Women’s Campaign International began in 1998 and has since established projects in dozens of countries. The organization’s founder, former Pennsylvania State Representative Marjorie Margolies, praised the work of WCI’s staff to the full ballroom, a few of whom delivered speeches of their own.

Among WCI’s projects include their current initiatives in Liberia and the ALWANE Coalition. ALWANE, which stands for Active Leaders for Women’s Advancement in the Near East and means “my colors” in Arabic, has committees across the Middle East/North Africa region. This November, ALWANE leaders from all over the MENA region will gather in Amman, Jordan for the first ever summit of the entire coalition. Several WCI staff will be in attendance to hear how ALWANE projects are progressing in the group of countries.

Participants from GALS (Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series) were also in attendance. GALS is a West Philadelphia-based program that mentors young women in high school. The GALS reps described their and how the Women’s Campaign International program has benefited their individual advancement.

“All the Difference in the World” was a fantastic reflection of how Women’s Campaign International does work that touches the lives of people globally, as well as in our own city. Philadelphia is fortunate to have an organization like WCI calling it “home.”