What’s Cooking On 1060: Roaming Drinks, A Street Fair, And A World of Food

 By Hadas Kuznits

All over Philadelphia, businesses are getting ready to participate in the inaugural Global Philly 2013 exposition.

It takes place September 15th through November 1st, and includes a food component. Peter Woolsey, owner of Bistrot La Minette, is one of the culinary participants.

“Global Philly is basically a bunch of events essentially to promote Philadelphia as a global city, as a city with international ties, and really to show the world how fabulous of a city we really are,” Woolsey explains. And he says this event showcases Philadelphia’s broad array of cuisines:

“You can taste the world right here in Philly! You don’t ever have to leave the city.”


Hear the full “Global Philly” interview (runs 6:48)…


  (Peter Woolsey at Bistrot La Minette. Photo by Hadas Kuznits)

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