Wells Fargo Supports Global Philadelphia Association with a $5,000 donation



When I asked AJ Jordan, Senior Vice President of Community Affairs for Wells Fargo why Wells Fargo Foundation decided to support the Global Philadelphia Association with a $5,000 donation, his answer was immediate.  

“Global Philadelphia Association is educating young people and energizing excitement around Philadelphia being a World Heritage city.  It makes sense to invest in the World Heritage City Project. GPA’s leadership has brought this designation to Philadelphia and it’s a very exciting time to position Philadelphia as a vibrant and diverse international city.”

On Friday, December 2nd,  Wells Fargo presented the $5,000 check to members of the Philadelphia World Heritage City core committee which includes Board Chair, GPA, John Smith, Executive Director, Zabeth Teelucksingh, GPA Co-Chair, Barry Eiswerth, Board Member, David Brownlee and WHC supporter, Harold Jaffe. 

Global Philadelphia Association is moving forward with implementing the Strategic Plan for the Philadelphia World Heritage City Project. One of the seven objectives of the plan is Education. Thank you Wells Fargo for helping us move towards our goal of helping Philadelphia students to understand the meaning of being a World Heritage City. 

David Kron, Managing Director of Investments for Wells Fargo commented, “Young Philadelphians who have moved away are starting to return to Philadelphia to work and start families. Philadelphia has become a destination and now has a place on the international map.”