Temple University Launches "Temple Made" with Campus Celebration



By Kathleen Quigley, for GPA -- “Temple Made,” that is the new marketing slogan of Temple University. Launched prior to the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, Philadelphians have no doubt become acquainted with the impressive advertising campaign of faces painted with various cherry and white designs, promoting a fierce pride for one of Philadelphia’s “big three” schools.

On Thursday, September 27, the University held Temple Made Live, an outdoor party for its students, at the Bell Tower at Temple University. Outside Temple's Paley Library, hundreds of people were treated to food and music mixed by a live DJ, who professed his pride in being “Temple Made” himself.

At 8:30p.m., the large concrete exterior of Paley Library transformed into a screen for a multimedia show of images and video set to high-tempo music. The display was outrageous, rousing, and fun: a 21st century handshake by Temple University re-introducing itself to the world.

Emphasizing the school’s rigorous academics, leading arts programs, and the athletics that consistently grab headlines, the celebration in front of Paley sent a loud message that Temple is gaining new momentum. The time is now for Philadelphia and the world to become more familiar with the world-class institution on North Broad Street.