For Release on December 10: Global Philadelphia Association Announces GlobalPhilly™2013!


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Global Philadelphia Association has managed to bring together some of Philadelphia's most talented globally-minded individuals and organizations. On the eve of our Annual Meeting and Luncheon this coming Monday, December 10, the Association wanted to share a remarkable fact:

In the last 12 months alone, 17 organizations, businesses, and institutions of higher learning and 15 internationally-minded individuals have joined the Association, increasing its membership by over 50% to a total of nearly 90 members.

This hasn’t happened by accident. Currently, Mayor Nutter is in China, and there is a palpable feeling in Philadelphia these days that we are indeed an international city - and that we are in the process of reclaiming both our global history and our future global prospects.

View the press release here describing our initiative for next year, GlobalPhilly™2013, which will be the premier international showcase for Philadelphia this coming autumn.