For Release on April 9: GlobalPhilly™ 2013 Adds Restaurateurs and Events


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Global Philadelphia Association and its partners are putting a great deal of momentum behind the upcoming autumn exposition, GlobalPhilly™ 2013. Featuring 46 days of international events and activities, GlobalPhilly™ 2013 will shine a spotlight on the many incredible global assets Philadelphia offers the Region and the world.

GPA's partners in this endeavor include the Greater Philadelphia Marketing Tourism Corporation, the Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia International Medicine, the Consular Corps Association of Philadelphia, and many, many more.

For more information about Global Philadelphia Association and GlobalPhilly™ 2013, please contact Public Relations Director Kathleen Quigley at [email protected].  

And as always, join in the conversation on our Global Philadelphia Association Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn group where you can take part in our mission to help the Greater Philadelphia Region realize its full global potential.

View the press release here describing the latest GlobalPhilly™2013 happenings!

The photo is credited to G. Wildman for GPTMC.