Philly Celebrated It Being Heritage City – Chris Matthews Charmed

by HughE Dillon

Over 450 guests from the International business and civic community the event held at the Crystal Tea Room, on hand were those how had a hand in making Philadelphia the first US member of the OWHC. 

Mayor Kenny spoke of the many opportunities which have happened and will happen with this new world recognition.

Guest speaker Chris Matthews, a Philadelphia native, chatted about the metamorphosis Philly has undergone starting with Rendell through today. Philly has become a world class city. It was a great chat and he had the audience in stitches with his antidotes peppered with Philly sports teams references, especially his beloved Phillies, which got me thinking maybe that’s why his show is called – Hardball.

Chris Matthews did chat politics for a bit, telling the crowd, he’s know Trump for years, and only in the past 12 months had he ever heard a racist comment, you never really know a person. He’s a regular guy, last year they debated on why didn’t Zoolander 2 become as big of hit as Zoolander. Trump’s favorite movie. As for Hillary she’s a girly girl, but it doesn’t come across to the public as she puts on her armor. She’s smart, classy, and very friendly. I wish the American people were able to see the relaxed Hillary Clinton.


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