Philadelphia Science Festival - What is the Science of the World?

Recently, GPA joined forces with our member organization, the Franklin Institute Science Museum, to engage Philadelphians in the natural science of the world.

Visitors—from toddlers to adults—participated in a range of activities that highlighted World Heritage areas around the globe:

  • Plant various seeds native to World Heritage Cities
  • Trace and color animals native to World Heritage Cites
  • Based on given characteristics, match selected insects to their natural habitat on a World Map

We are grateful to the student volunteers from The Franklin Institute’s PACTS program (Partnership for Achieving Careers in Technology and Science). Though newly recruited, students bravely shared the story of Philadelphia’s World Heritage site, Independence Hall, and traveled with guests to other World Heritage sites such as the Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba in Togo, Taj Mahal in India, and Sacred City of Auradhapura in Sri Lanka. While it was our first time participating in the Philadelphia Science Carnival, we can positively say that it was a great success. Children couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty planting their very first starter garden and parents curiously inquired about our city’s new global status. We look forward to engaging the public in more creative ways to share our World Heritage City story.