Philadelphia Ranks High in Economist Intelligence Unit Report on Globally Competitive Cities

Commissioned by Citigroup, the Economist Intelligence Unit designed an analytical device to measure the growth potential of cities and emerging markest all around the world. The "Global City Competitiveness Index" ranks Philadelphia as 30th overall, ahead of cities like Berlin and Beijing. In other domains, such as Human Capital, Philadelphia ranked even higher (coming in at 16th).

Interestingly, the Index found that the fastest overall growth is occurring in mid-sized cities, those with populations between 2 and 5 million people. Such cities "are collectively forecast to grow by 8.7% annually over the next five years, ahead of the megacities on which many firms focus."

We at Global Philadelphia Association believe that it is vital for our mid-sized city to foster this growth through initiatives such as our own, a comprehensive strategy that brings together stakeholders and leading figures to collectively strategize, share resources, and envision the next phase of the City's evolution.

Access the full report here. It is truly of value to anyone interested in helping Philadelphia become the next great, global city.